13 Reasons why you should book your place at the Super Growth Conference TODAY

by Griselda K Togobo | Follow me on Twitter HERE

Have you booked your ticket yet? Here are some reasons why you should secure your front seat for the 3rd April Super Growth Conference today! 

  1. GET STRATEGIC – A rare chance to take some real time to WORK ON your business
  2. LEARN FROM TOP EXPERTS. This is a chance to learn from and pick the brains of 9 selected top experts on  key areas that will help you to accelerate your  personal & business growth
  3. MAXIMISE YOUR PROFITS IN 2014 – Discover the new breakthroughs to maximise your profits & cash-flow, online and offline.
  4. ABSOLUTE UNPRECEDENTED BARGAIN – I can guarantee that you’ll not be able to access ALL these speakers at this rate anywhere! The pricing of the event is a steal because we didn’t want it to be prohibitive. There has been a lot of sponsorship and support from the speakers to enable this event to be take place at this price range! Please don’t miss out. Book your ticket now. http://www.dev.awovi.com/super-conference-14/
  5. BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES Breakthrough sales strategies to increase your sales by double digits
  6. MARKETING STRATEGIES that will enable you to stand out in todays crowded market
  7. MASTER YOUR FEARS with breakthrough strategies from top a hyponotherapist and motivational speakers
  8. BROADEN YOUR NETWORK and make new serious business connections – potential customers, suppliers, referrals, partners etc. Who knows? One attendee has already leveraged her attendance to connect with high profile speaker and had her book endorsed!
  9. BOOK SIGNING – Get a book signed by their respective authors
  10. PRIVATE LINKEDIN IN GROUP – Become part of an exclusive delegates only Linkedin group to facilitate further relationship building and support after the event.
  11. INSPIRATION – Get inspired by meeting extremely successful and amazing people who may just be doing exactly what you are doing but at a totally different level. You won’t be meeting them at your local events!
  12. AMAZING EXPERIENCE – Event of these nature are an amazing experience just by the nature of the people it attracts! The energy, motivation and inspiration comes from hearing on the stories of how people overcame adversity and did incredible things with their lives.
  13. HELP AND GET HELPED – People are normally very giving at these events. Most people come with a desire to be helped and are often very happy to help others as well.

Getting out from behind your desk and attending The Super Growth Conference is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business this year. Bring a colleague, bring your team, sit back and develop a plan for your next level of growth.

Please don’t miss out. Book your ticket now: http://www.dev.awovi.com/super-conference-14/

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