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In case you are wondering, awovi (pronounced a-wō vee ) is my middle name which may be less of a mouthful  than Griselda Kumordzie Togobo :).

This website was created to be an “oasis”of truthful and practical information for small business owners – its full of articles, video, podcasts and FREE LIVE virtual trainings.

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About Griselda 

Hi I’m Griselda, welcome to 

I’m passionate about helping you resolve your business management and business growth issues in this “NEW Digital Age”.

I happily spend my time working one-to-one with business owners,  speaking at conferences, running workshops and writing  about business, entrepreneurial marketing, business growth strategies and productivity.

I’m also an Enterprise Ambassador at Leeds University and also guest lecture on entrepreneurship.

I founded AWOVI Consulting after a corporate career with an international professional services firm where I provided business advisory services to small and medium sized Enterprises, charities, NHS, manufacturing and blue-chip companies.

I was happy in corporate until my baby arrived. Like most women, I wanted more control over my career and family commitments so I took the leap and here we are today! As you can imagine, I’m very passionate about supporting other women to do the same.

If you find yourself in the UK, in the West Yorkshire area, then do well to visit Forward Ladies in Bradford where you’d typically find me networking with like minded women.

My clients are entrepreneurs and organisations that support entrepreneurs – and I act as their consultant, coach and thinking partner helping them to strategise, review and plan to increase their businesses profits and cash-flow.

I also have a small portfolio of charities I work with. Charities are doing a great job improving the lives of people less fortunate than I and I want to be a part of that anyway I can.

I’m a self confessed productivity and time management  fanatic! My clients say my favourite question is “Why not now?”. If it needs to be done, why not do it now? 
For those interested, I also hold a Master’s degree in engineering and management from Wolfson College, Cambridge University and I’m a chartered accountant (ACA) and Prince 2 Certified Project Management Practitioner.Want to know more? Want to see if I could be the one to help you resolve the challenge you are facing in your business? Drop me an email at or just click here and lets schedule a chat to get better acquainted.

Being seen as an expert is all about what you do, not just what you know!

How to become an expert in 7 simple steps

In my first year in business, I however found out it took more than accolade and titles to be recognised as an expert. You can read about it in my book “How to be an expert in 7 simple steps“. Its a little book with big ideas on just how you can go about establishing yourself as an expert in a way that is commercially recognised and rewarded! Let me know what you think!

What people are saying:

“I really enjoyed your down to earth, no-nonsense advice. You managed to get into 7 steps what others are taking 28 steps to say. Very thought-provoking and action-orientated. Can’t wait for the next book! Best wishes.” – Louise Roberts Battison

” Since our first session, I have switched one client onto a new contract going forward which has increased my cash-flow and revenue. I’ve used your suggestion for structuring my fee so with 2 other clients I have introduced a mix of packages and this has seen them get better results (great news) and they are spending more with me.”   – JoNeville

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Keep in touch, find out what I’m up to and get free exclusive business tips.

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