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“If you think that your business cannot afford to work with Griselda then you need to consider that you cannot afford to work without her. Although my business was growing in the right direction and we all worked hard and with enthusiasm, our finances needed some major TLC. We were all too immersed in fighting to keep our heads above water that we did not have a clear picture of what we needed to do. Griselda came in with a very clear, down to earth and refreshing approach. She set us what seemed where unrealistic and impossible financial goals and we achieved them in a matter of weeks! My mind was overloaded and I was so stressed as I was bogged down with tasks that were preventing me from getting on with running my business. Griselda talked everything through with me and worked out practical solutions to free up my time to do what I love: building my business. Griselda gave us practical tasks to put systems in place to make us a much more slick operation. Griselda taught us to “shoot for the stars”, that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve your hopes and dreams and deliver and excellent service to your customers. Everyone needs a Griselda! She is great fun to work with and will transform your business. If you have the will, you will find the money to invest in Griselda and it will be the best investment you ever make!” – Linda Lewis of Linda Lewis kitchens”


My time with you was one of my best business investments EVER (if not the best) and I am so, so pleased to have found you and met you.”

Griselda is an outstanding consultant and I feel she is also one of a kind. A rare mixture of a strategic business mind, amazing down-to-earth personality and a passion to help her clients’ business. The day spent with Griselda working on my business strategy has been one of the best as a business owner. Her advice was spot-on, creative, challenging and workable. My business is already more productive and focused as a result. Working on your own, it can be difficult to see where your business is heading and how to make the most of the opportunities. With Griselda, you know you are not alone but in the company of a talented, highly skilled and passionate advisor.”  Gabriela Castro, Making it easier to do business with Latin America

“Griselda is talented at clarifying complexities and really honing in on the real issues.She left me with a renewed sense of what I am doing was really worthwhile and that with a relatively small realignment and focus things are really not as complicated as I thought! Would not hesitate to work with Griselda again” – Julie Kaya.

“130% increase in sales over 6months. AWOVI has brought clarity, structure and accountability to my business. Our fortnightly coaching sessions have challenged me to set tougher goals for my business  and work consistently on achieving those goals. I have benefited greatly from the advice and feedback AWOVI provides. AWOVI is full of ideas and is always challenging me to look at things differently. I feel so energized and pumped up after each session, which is great for motivation and focus.” – Nneka Onyenakala, Managing Director & Designer

“Since our first session, I have switched one client onto a new contract going forward which has increased my cash-flow and revenue. I’ve used your suggestion for structuring my fee so with 2 other clients I have introduced a mix of packages and this has seen them get better results (great news) and they are spending more with me.” – JoNeville http://www.life-4-today.co.uk/

“Working with Griselda has helped me gain clarity and focus on how I do business. I am stepping out of my comfort zone with the right guidance to make my efforts yield the desired result. This has made me more confident about doing business. The support I receive from Griselda has been invaluable to me. My business had been in a very vulnerable position but after 6 weeks of working together, order was restored and my confidence levels were up. I am ready to take on the world and have my sights set on bigger and better things for my business.

” I was riveted by the newsletter webinars and listed to all 3 back to back, it is now 3pm Saturday afternoon and I have only just got dressed!  There are so many useful tips that I will have to listen again and make notes to ensure that my new newsletter has great results.  I originally felt a sense of dread at the thought of writing a newsletter, I now feel inspired and motivated. Many thanks for your support. Karen C.

” Griselda is a great business mentor. She has helped me focus on the things that matter and held me accountable – something I need when completely swamped and overwhelmed as a new business. Griselda tells you it straight – I like that! With her help, I know my business will go from strength to strength. Sign up to her weekly newsletter – it’s awesome with really valuable content” – Andi Lonnen

” Griselda is like a breath of fresh air in my week with her passion to help me achieve my goals and her down to earth approach. She is really helping me focus on and streamline/develop my office procedures and business strategies, while encouraging me and also challenging me to achieve my own potential and that of my business. Thanks Griselda and I look forward to seeing where we go together.” – Georgie Oldfield

” Griselda has been a great ‘business friend’ over the last few months and I have found her insights and wealth of knowledge invaluable. Her blogs and newsletters are full of practical advice that brings results (as long as you put them into practice!) plus she is very considerate and approachable.
If you’re looking for business support I would highly recommend her 1-2-1 coaching or online group coaching to any business owner, new or established” – Denise Patricia Brooks

” Speak to Griselda if you would like to re align your business to focus! After a session with Griselda, I now know how I can work smarter to build a more stable future for my business. Thank you Griselda, so excited, I can’t wait for my next session!” – Amanda Farrell

” Griselda has been working with me on her mastermind service to help me develop my new business. I have found her to be extemely motivational and inspiring. Griselda is a confident business lady with alot of energy to share and business ideas. She has been attentive to me at all times. I would recommend Griselda to anyone starting or growing a business and wanting a motivational source” – Ella Cooper

” Griselda is a fantastic coach. She is very personable and professional. Griselda is extremely well informed and she uses innovative tools and resources to get you to focus on what you want out of your life. Ultimately she empowers you to achieve your goals. Since working with her I have transformed the way I operate at work and in my personal friendships. I have also achieved a number of targets on my career plan. If you want to transform your life – get coached by Griselda! – Frema Agyeman

” Griselda believes in providing value upfront to show people what she does. So, as a member of her mailing list I was invited for a free 1-1 profit strategy session. As a result I can highly recommend Griselda to anyone who wants create a clear action plan for growing their business in a focused, efficient way. Griselda is supportive, and informative. By the end of our 1-1 telephone session Griselda had helped me identify my priorities for the next four months. Her in-depth advice on each of my business goals enabled me to create 3 actionable steps that will form the basis of my business strategy. It was a really good use of my time! Griselda is really good at what she does. – Maija Leipins

” Griselda is one of a kind. The real deal. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear during consultation. With a strategic and out-of-the-box approach, she provides you with a template that is practical and workable based on your goals to work with and she shows a deep sense of understanding to each person’s situation/circumstance you are working with. I also love the fact that she creates an environment for you to feel free and be honest without any pressure and applies methods to your personal goals which will only lead to more productivity. If you want to take your business, goals and life to the next level, Griselda is your go to person. She will challenge you and stretch you but it is all for your benefit.” – Belinda Otas

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