{Video} 3 tips from Deirdre Bounds on taking an idea from bedsit to £20m on exit

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 Deirdre Bounds and Griselda TogoboI caught up with Deirdre Bounds at the Super Growth Conference I hosted last week. Deirdre is the founder of one of the world’s biggest gap year travel company and she shares some tips in this 3 minutes video on how she took an idea from her bedsit to a multi-million global business.

Deirdre’s top 3 tips for growing your business are:

1. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – 20% of your time and turnover needs to go towards marketing your business, even in a down economy.  Don’t cut back on your marketing because marketing will bring in the sales you need to grow.

2. Work On Yourself – You’ve got to ask yourself, whats the main problem in your business?  When you do you might find that that it is probably you. Take some time for self development so you can develop the right skills to grow your business. Its also important to take sometime out of the business to rejuvenate. Book a holiday, you need it.

We hear alot of people talk about “working ON the business” when in actual facts most entrepreneurs need to be working on themselves because their businesses are just a reflection of their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Act quickly – Whatever you think of doing, do it quickly. Don’t think about this and that, legal barriers, bureaucracy etc. Just get it out there and see if people will buy. Act with speed.

Still scared? JUST DO IT.

You’ll develop the confidence to do more things in your business as you do more things (very simple isn’t it). Deirdre wanted to be a comedienne and was booed off stage so for her nothing can be worse than that. She highly recommends training as a stand up comedienne to develop your confidence.

Watch the 3minute video for the tips.

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Do you switch your marketing on and off? What scares you the most about growing your business?

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