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Nicky Pattinson and griseldaSelling is probably one of the most valuable skills you can develop as an entrepreneur. Yet, sales has become such a dirty word. People don’t want to be seen as sales people although business is driven by selling. I understand that sells has gotten a bad rep because some sales people are unethical and dishonest but that doesn’t mean that the whole process of selling is evil. Does it? So, I’ve invited Nicky Pattinson, a very accomplished sales woman for a quick interview on selling and also to tell us what to expect of her talk at the Super Growth Conference 14.

*More about Nicky…

Nicky isn’t perhaps what you might expect. She certainly doesn’t sound like you’d expect, and to say she has an “unconventional way about her” is perhaps like saying “Madonna might work out in the gym occasionally“. She’s had a life our Nicky, and that life comes over loud and clear in those direct Yorkshire tones. She’s learned a lot firsthand about life, sales and the universe…and that has made her an outstanding retail master, sales expert and speaker. She’s done literally millions of £££ of business in companies – not knowing a damn thing about what they actually sell, but knowing exactly how to position and express who they really WERE, away from the corporate brochure. From legal services to pan shops – T-shirts to PEOPLE, Nicky saw what they could not … and taught them how to sell themselves in a way that dissolved all logic and went straight into the unconscious minds of the buyer – thereby unfreezing the revenue that moved from the customer’s wallet and ended up landing in the shop or businesses own till.

“It’s not what you sell…it’s always how you sell it” she says.

In this 9min video, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome your resistance to selling
  • How she makes herself do things she doesn’t feel like doing
  • How to write even if you feel you are not a writer
  • Why selling is simply an opportunity to have a real connection for people

Grab your ticket to see Nicky on the 3rd of April here.

Find out about the other speakers by watching the video below:

*Bio from Nicky’s website at http://www.nickypattinson.com.

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