Why you should stop complaining & start sending more emails to your clients & prospects

by Griselda K Togobo | Follow me on Twitter HERE

Send more emails to your clients and prospectsImagine this, someone is trying to woo your clients. Right now, this very minute as you read this. They are doing it with email marketing. The interesting thing is that they are sneaking up on you using personal, value adding emails to build relationships with them whilst you sit on the fence, debating whether people want to receive your emails or not.

If there is one advice, I get the most resistance from, it’s the area of email marketing. Business owners just don’t want to do it.

They say they will be bothering their clients

They say their clients don’t want to read their emails

They think it’s all about selling and self-promoting.

So they can’t bring themselves to do it.  Its a real shame.

Sending out regular email is not about selling. If you are a member of my awovi | insider community, you’ll be receiving weekly emails with very little selling.

This is a picture of the response to one of my emails within 30minutes of sending it out. This level of engagement from people interested in your services is priceless. This is because my emails are a relationship-building tool. Its all about me giving value in advance of them doing any business with me. Less than 10% of my emails over the course of the year sell directly to people but I’ve developed some wonderful relationships with people who have since become clients.

Forget about selling with your emails for a second and just see it as an opportunity to connect with people. People who have come across your work and want to know more about you before they decide to work with you.

Not sending regularly value adding emails is the biggest disservice you can do to yourself and your clients. Positioning yourself as someone who cares and is willing to share information freely with people  is a Unique Selling Point because not enough people do this well. There are lots of people doing it very badly.

Email is the best thing that has happened to small businesses. The ability to send emails to thousands at the click of a button is gold.

Its made a very marketing more accessible. Don’t believe everything the social media gurus tell you. Every serious marketer relies on email marketing.  In a recent article by Mckinsey the big consulting group “”E-mail is still a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media.”

Communicating with your customers regularly and frequently will help you sell more but it can be done in a very relationship based and authentic way. Its one of the cheapest ways of attracting more clients.

Stop complaining and start sending more emails to your clients & prospects :). People are craving connections. Give it to them in a real and personal way.

Infact why not try it and let let me know how it went? You can get started with this pre-recorded set of 3 90min training videos. Just click here. Its on a full money back guarantee.

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