Growth Track Programme

For businesses making multiple 6-7 figures i.e. More than £100k.


  • You have a pretty successful business. You love what you do and are good at it.
  • Business is good and you are very busy. In-fact, truth be told, you are too busy with barely any time to fit in other commitments.
  • The growth of your business has brought on extra complexities and you feel out of your depth.
  • You are very stressed and stacked up with work

Challenges you are facing

  • You are not sure how best to structure the business as its grown to a point where the day to day management is proving challenging
  • You are struggling to find the time and mental space to plan and strategies for the future.
  • A few challenges may be starting to knock your confidence and you need help regaining it
  • You are struggling to recruit the right people and build a team you can trust
  • Cash flow may also be an issue as you are struggle to fund growth and to pay your overheads.
  • You feel alone and isolated and are not sure whether you are starting to question whether you are on the right track.
  • You made some very tough decisions on a daily basis and you sometimes need someone to talk them through with

What you need is

  • Objective advice about how best to increase the business’ efficiency and productivity without working all the hours god sent.
  • You need to put systems in place to streamline the business
  • You need help to plan and strategize for your next level of growth
  • You want to increase sales, profits and cash-flow to sustain the businesses growth
  • Total business analysis for growth

“If you think that your business cannot afford to work with Griselda then you need toLinda Lewis_136 consider that you cannot afford to work without her. Although my business was growing in the right direction and we all worked hard and with enthusiasm, our finances needed some major TLC. We were all too immersed in fighting to keep our heads above water that we did not have a clear picture of what we needed to do. Griselda came in with a very clear, down to earth and refreshing approach. She set us what seemed where unrealistic and impossible financial goals and we achieved them in a matter of weeks! My mind was overloaded and I was so stressed as I was bogged down with tasks that were preventing me from getting on with running my business. Griselda talked everything through with me and worked out practical solutions to free up my time to do what I love: building my business. Griselda gave us practical tasks to put systems in place to make us a much more slick operation. Griselda taught us to “shoot for the stars”, that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve your hopes and dreams and deliver and excellent service to your customers. Everyone needs a Griselda! She is great fun to work with and will transform your business. If you have the will, you will find the money to invest in Griselda and it will be the best investment you ever make!” – Linda Lewis of Linda Lewis kitchens”


Griselda is impressive. Personal warmth and clarity of thought combine powerfully in her clear pragmatic orientation towards helping clients grow their revenues and profits. Griselda’s commitment to tracking her clients’ return on investment as they apply agreed actions has given her valuable insight into critical factors that fuel high growth in women-led SMEs and start-up enterprises. She is a geniune and delightful fresh thinking business woman, focused on enabling others to outperform” – Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone.

Your solution is Private Consulting from Griselda.

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