Momentum Track

For businesses making multiple 5-6 figures i.e. Under £100k .


  • Your business is building up momentumGriselda & Georgie
  • You are excited about the progress your business has made but you are still not sure about how you are going to grow your business. You want to make 7 figures.
  • You are giving so much to each client and are afraid you cannot scale up the business with this module.
  • You are doing everything yourself and know you need help but you don’t have the financial consistency to take on full-time staff.
  • You want to earn more and pay yourself more but you are not sure.
  • You are feeling drained and sometimes feel you are on a hamster wheel.

Challenges you are facing

  • You want to grow by finding more and better quality clients but you don’t know how
  • You want to establish  yourself and your business in your niche
  • You are not sure how best to structure the business in order to scale it up
  • You are struggling to find the time and mental space to plan and strategies for the future.
  • You lack the confidence to follow through with the BIG, profitable prospects you know you should be working with.
  • The responsibility of the day to day management of the business has sapped you of energy and left your frustrated.
  • You lack the confidence and skills to deal with the financial side of running a business.

What you need is

  • Objective advice about how best to leverage and scale your business up.
  • You need to put systems in place to streamline the business – ready for growth
  • You need help to plan and strategize for your next level of growth
  • You want to attract more and better quality clients.
  • Your own marketing blue print for attracting a consistent stream of clients.

What people are saying:

Gabby“My time with you was one of my best business investments EVER (if not the best) and I am so, so pleased to have found you and met you.”

Griselda is an outstanding consultant and I feel she is also one of a kind. A rare mixture of a strategic business mind, amazing down-to-earth personality and a passion to help her clients’ business. The day spent with Griselda working on my business strategy has been one of the best as a business owner. Her advice was spot-on, creative, challenging and workable. My business is already more productive and focused as a result. Working on your own, it can be difficult to see where your business is heading and how to make the most of the opportunities. With Griselda, you know you are not alone but in the company of a talented, highly skilled and passionate advisor.”  Gabriela Castro, Making it easier to do business with Latin America.


” Griselda is talented at clarifying complexities and really honing in on the real issues. julie kayaShe left me with a renewed sense of what I am doing was really worthwhile and that with a relatively small realignment and focus things are really not as complicated as I thought! Would not hesitate to work with Griselda again.” – Julie Kaya, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist & OD Consultant.

I’d recommend

#1 VIP Strategy Day Package

#2 1-2-1 Monthly Consulting & Coaching Package

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