Women Entrepreneurs

1441186_597532440283406_1900908591_nYou really mean business, don’t you?

Currently, women make up the fastest growing demographic of small business owners. More and more women (like yourself) are setting up their own business because they want more flexibility over work and family life and to get away from the frustrations of having to balance it all in a rigid corporate environment.

The good new is that entrepreneurship is empowering, women business owners are guaranteed the same level of economic success once their businesses take off as their male counterparts.

Challenges you are facing


  • As a female entrepreneur, you are struggling to grow you business because you are juggling a lot. It may be with a partner, family or even having responsibility for your parents who need your support – as most women are the main care givers in their families.
  • You feel you lack the confidence to do what you know needs to be done to get your business where you want it.
  • You feel you lack the business expertise and skills to manage and grow the business
  • You are lonely and scared.

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What you need is

  • Mentoring from someone who understands the challenges and can still encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve more and life the best life you can live
  • Some
  • The feeling of community to network and engage peers
  • The ear of someone with the business acumen and expertise to help you navigate the challenges you are facing in growing your business
  • Help and accountability to plan for and achieve bigger goals – giving you the financial freedow you so aspire to achieve.


“Griselda is a fantastic coach. She is very personable and professional. Griselda is extremely well informed and she uses innovative tools and resources to get you to focus on what you want out of your life. Ultimately she empowers you to achieve your goals. Since working with her I have transformed the way I operate at work and in my personal friendships. I have also achieved a number of targets on my career plan. If you want to transform your life – get coached by Griselda! – Frema Agyeman, Lecturer at Lambeth College.

“Griselda is a straight talking, honest business expert with in-depth knowledge of how to develop and grow small and fledgling businesses. Her approach to business is refreshing. She has helped me to break things down and this has helped me gain clarity and focus on how I do business. I am stepping out of my confront zone with the right guidance to make my efforts yield the desired result. The support I receive from Griselda had been invaluable to me. My business had been in a very vulnerable position this year but in the last 6 weeks order has been resorted and my confidence levels are up. I am ready to take on the world and have my sights set on bigger and better things for my business. I happily recommend Griselda to any one in business who is looking to take it to the next level and make a success of business.” – Bukkie Dos Santos, Owner of the Portrait Studio.

“Griselda shared her expertise and insights with delegates at UEL’s women’s entrepreneurship conference. She delivered a fast-paced, interactive presentation to delegates that encouraged them to think about their business from a new perspective. Griselda received great feedback from attendees and we would welcome her back to events in the future!” – Lindsey Cole, Head of Business Partnerships at UEL

“Griselda is one of a kind. The real deal. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear during consultation. With a strategic and out-of-the-box approach, she provides you with a template that is practical and workable based on your goals to work with and she shows a deep sense of understanding to each person’s situation/circumstance you are working with. I also love the fact that she creates an environment for you to feel free and be honest without any pressure and applies methods to your personal goals which will only lead to more productivity. If you want to take your business, goals and life to the next level, Griselda is your go to person. She will challenge you and stretch you but it is all for your benefit.” – Belinda Otas, Assistant Editor at New African Woman Magazine.

“Griselda has an amazing passion for helping business owners achieve their full potential. She takes a no-nonsense approach to getting her clients to focus on increasing their profits. I have been working with Griselda for the past month and apart from enjoying her happy nature, I’ve really noticed a difference in my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their business to a new level” – Louise Robets Battinson – Tax Advisor.


# 1: FREE Workbook – 3 Steps to Charging what you are worth

3 steps cover

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#3: The Money Master class for Female Entrepreneurs