How to become an expert in 7 simple steps

Establishing yourself as an expert takes more than degrees & professional qualifications

“I really enjoyed your down to earth, no-nonsense advice. You managed to get into 7 steps what others are taking 28 steps to say. Very thought-provoking and action-orientated. Can’t wait for the next book! Best wishes.” – Louise Roberts Battison

This short guide is for you if you want to quickly establish yourself as an expert in your industry but don’t know how. It’s packed with practical tips and real-life examples. If you’re looking for strategies and advice that you can implement immediately, then look no further.You’ll learn the 7 key steps for increasing your visibility in your industry so that you can increase sales and charge more for your services. These tips can be applied immediately and cost very little money to implement.Learn more and get your copy here.


Package Your Services So Your Clients Can Pay More & Stay Longer

” Since our first session, I have switched one client onto a new contract going forward which has increased my cash-flow and revenue. I’ve used your suggestion for structuring my fee so with 2 other clients I have introduced a mix of packages and this has seen them get better results (great news) and they are spending more with me.” – JoNeville

Are you struggling to attract the right sort of clients? Is your cash-flow up and down or mostly down? One of the ways of guaranteeing a consistently cash-flow is to package, price and offer your services in a way that enables your clients to spend more and stay with your for longer. When you get that wrong, you’ll find yourself chasing clients because your clients never stay longer than a few weeks or months at the most. This 150+ pages workbook with exercises, scripts and case studies will guide you through creating your own packages. Read more and get your copy here.

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Create Clients on demand with a newsletter

“I was riveted by the newsletter webinars and listed to all 3 back to back, it is now 3pm Saturday afternoon and I have only just got dressed!  There are so many useful tips that I will have to listen again and make notes to ensure that my new newsletter has great results.  I originally felt a sense of dread at the thought of writing a newsletter, I now feel inspired and motivated. Many thanks for your support. Karen C.”

Do you write a newsletter? If not, you should.

If you do write a newsletter, then do you attract clients with it? Learn how to structure your newsletter, the content to write, the frequency and blueprint for transitioning subscribers to client. The series of 3 60 minute webinars comes with a workbook to help you implement the action points.  Access the course here.


 Money Masterclass for female entrepreneurs

The Money Masterclass for Female Entrepreneurs 

“I’ve been saving and paying off debt, but the debt is ridiculously high in terms of interest rate, so I’m going to throw the savings at that instead. I know it’s a no-brainer, but you’ve just helped me get rid of the psychological thing that tells me I should be saving first and foremost…for now, paying myself first will mean getting rid of my 39% interest credit card.” – P


Female entrepreneurs struggle the most with handling their money and this affects the level of success they are able to achieve with this businesses. Learn what mastering your money is a MUST for every female entrepreneur. Weekly practical tips on generating income, saving it and protecting it so that money never becomes a problem again. This is NOT investment advice, practical advice that female entrepreneurs have used to create their own wealth. Its the only service offering both personal and business advice in one place. Click here and receive your first tip! The first 30days are FREE! Gives you a chance to try it out to see if you like it.

 rip up

Amazon #1 Bestseller 

Rip-up the to-do list: Discover time management secrets that will transform your life & business when you get the right things done.This book is also being driven by my clients and the support and advice the keep asking for around time management. The pace of life is just getting faster and faster and we all have these long to-do lists that just never get done. What if I asked you to rip up your to-do list and still got more done that you ever did before? Early birds pre-order your copy now and claim 2 bonuses. Click on the link to order your copy on Amazon Rip up your to-do list: Discover time management principles that will transform your life and business
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