Would you buy a Ferrari and stick a ford engine in it?

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Young Woman Standing Over a Car Engine Bay Checking An Oil Dipstick

Would you buy a Ferrari and stick a ford engine in it?

No! Who in their right mind would? But it seems we do this to our businesses all the time. Read this short article to find out how. Someone made this statement recently about some improvements I was planning to do on my businesses and I’ve since struggled to get the question out of my head. I had made some drastic improvements in my businesses (all very much needed) yet I was struggling to make a final decision about a product because of the cost and also because there were people involved who I did not want to offend. So effectively, I was so worried about what people would think about me that I was considering short changing myself and sabotaging all the hard work I’d already done by committing to a purchase that would have effectively meant that I was sticking a ford engine in a Ferrari! No offence to Ford Motors but these two cars are in two totally different leagues. The more I think about,  it the more parallels I find with business. We all have these fantastic ideas and we spend so much time and money on the look and feel of the business. Yet when it comes to the engine, the power house of the business, how we are going to operate the business, we seem content to just stick the cheapest systems and even the most unsuitable team in simply because we are afraid of something – there is always something holding us back! Being asked this question made me realise just how ridiculously silly that decision would have been. So my tip this week is to check out your business. Really look at the business you’ve created on the outside. Is it a Ferrari or Ford you are trying to build? Now look at the engine – you, your process and systems and the team you’ve put in place to run that business. Make sure that you are not sticking a Ford Engine in a Ferrari.

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